Seiko Turtle Watch on Barton Bands Canvas Strap

A common question we get is where to buy watch straps, who is reputable, and how to chose among the different options. On this page we have listed the major strap companies and brands, divided by category. Most places ship internationally, but we have listed out companies that are outside the U.S. if you’re looking for faster service or to avoid shipping fees. We are an Amazon, Jomashop & Etsy affiliate. Check out our guides for picking out a watch strap and tools for changing a watch strap to get started.


Amazon is the go-to choice for very cheap straps and for when you quickly need a strap to do the job. They also sell popular third-party straps like Hirsch, Colareb Roma, Bonetto Cinturini & Eulit. We have created lists of popular categories to help you find something fast.  

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Watch Strap Companies

These companies sell their own branded straps or popular third-party brands. Most of them also sell tools & hardware (buckles & spring bars) and watch cases. 

Custom Watch Strap Makers

We’ve listed custom watch strap makers out on a separate page, along with pictures and our interviews with them. We highly recommend you check out the craftsmanship and beauty that goes into a custom strap. They are usually cheaper than you think and you can get them customized, embossed or even made from a piece of leather with personal significance. 

Watch Websites

These website mainly sell watches but also have large collections of watch straps. Many sell privately branded or popular third party brands, like Hirsch, Colareb Roma & Eulit. 

Popular Brands

These brands provide straps to the major websites. Keep an eye out for:  Hirsch, Hadley-Roma, Colareb Roma, Eulit (perlon straps), Bonetto Cinturini (rubber straps), & Fluco. We’ve linked to Amazon, but you can buy them many places and they’re popular.


Check with the manufacturer first. The major seller and most popular supplier of third-party bracelets is Strapcode. For Seiko watches, check Strapcode & Uncle Seiko. If buying an expensive watch, it is recommended you always buy the bracelet with the watch, as bracelets are hard to come by later. The original bracelet increases the resale value.

  • Deployant Clasps: MyWatchmaker (looks sketchy but it’s not)

Apple, Garmin, Fitbit & other smart watches and trackers

Its best to go back to the original manufacturer, but many places now sell straps and bands for fitness trackers and smart watches. In the case of Apple, the new strap you buy will also come with the hardware to attach it to your watch. It’s very easy and a popular way to afford straps (example). Fitbits are the same and it can be incredibly cheap to replace the strap (example). 

Other options

Most watch companies now also sell replacement bands. So if you’re looking for the original strap or bracelet, new end links or extra bracelet links, check out the watch company first. 

International buyers

Most companies ship internationally. If you’re looking for a local business, check out the list of custom watch strap companies mentioned above as the artists are located around the world.

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We are an Amazon, Etsy & Jomashop Affiliate.

Image Credit: Barton Bands Canvas strap on a Seiko Turtle.